Monday, June 22, 2009

Certificate Course in Cardiology

Here is a 6 month online course by Medvarsity:

Cardiac Emergencies

Approximately one-third of patients with an acute cardiac emergency conditions die without medical attention
within few hours of the onset of their first symptoms, and a large proportion of these deaths are due to potentially
reversible factors. A high percentage of these patients die before reaching the hospital.

Effective management of such patients can only be achieved by training the doctors in community resuscitation
schemes and prevention programs by special training and education in dealing with cardiac emergencies. In this
course we have concise and relevant evidence-based guidelines relating to the management of common
cardiac emergencies for doctors working in cardiology units, general medical units, intensive care units and
related areas like accident and emergency departments.

Our attempt has been to provide better understanding and more effective learning by using
multimedia-based animations, videos and interactive drug tables.


• Post Graduate Students in Medical Specialties
• 6 months online
• One week optional contact program with cardiologists of Apollo Hospitals at the end of the course

Course Content
This course has eleven modules which deal with the following topics:
• Approach to Chest pain
• Approach to Heart Failure
• Cardiac Emergency Management
• Ischaemic Heart Disease
• Approach to Cardiogenic Shock
• Common arrhythmias not associated with acute MI
• Non-Ischaemic Cardiovascular Emergencies
• Acute Aortic Disease
• Acute Pulmonary Edema
• Pulmonary Embolism
• Emergencies in Hypertension & Hypotension

The course material is available both online and offline. An ID and Password is provided to access the course content and online assessments. A CD with multimedia-rich content is also provided along with printed study material. Additional value added services like e-mail articles, journal articles etc. will be provided periodically. Assessments and doubts clarification is also provided during the course.

The registrants shall complete all the internal assessments online before the contact program. The final examination will be held after completion of the online study at the end of contact program. It is mandatory to obtain a minimum of 50% marks to clear an evaluation. The course is certified by AHERF & Medvarsity.

• Course material developed by experienced specialists from Apollo hospitals.
• Convenient to take the course as it is online - any time anywhere learning.
• No need to dislocate yourself from existing practice & place of work as the course is available both online & offline.
• Course material containing animations, videos, images and interactive drug tables which are useful for ready reference
and to explain various concepts and conditions provided in a CD.
• Contact program by subject experts from Apollo Hospitals.

Dr. Manoj Agarwal M.D., D.M., PGI (Chandigarh)
Consultant Cardiologist, Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad

Rs. 20,000 in single installment or 2 equal installments of Rs. 11,000 each. Payable in favour of Medvarsity online limited.

Medvarsity, India's first virtual medical educational portal was established in April 2000 as a joint venture by Apollo Hospitals & NIIT. Medvarsity in association with Apollo Hospitals conducts online courses for medical & paramedical community. Medvarsity offers its courses in collaboration with reputed bodies like Royal College of General Practitioners and Apollo Hospitals Educational and Research Foundation, IRDA Etc.

Apollo Hospital Educational & Research Foundation (AHERF) Conducts other educational and training programs including Nursing, Physiotherapy, Emergency Medicine, Surgery, Anesthesiology and MAsters Degree in Hospital Administration.

Certificate Course on ECG

India is witnessing a rise in cases of coronary artery disease, majority of which are of acute onset. These cases require timely diagnosis and treatment. Electrocardiogram (ECG) is the best diagnostic tool available, which is simple, easy and non-invasive investigation.

ECG monitoring is becoming more common in both inpatient and outpatient caresettings. Hence, it is important to have a sound knowledge and ability to interpret ECG accurately and quickly for classifying patients of acute coronary syndrome. This necessitates that not only specialists, but also other healthcare professionals like General practitioners, Interns, Post Graduate students, Nurses and Paramedical staff should have basic understanding of ECG for timely diagnosis.

To cater to the need for a quality course on ECG, Medvarsity offers a Certificate course in ECG for healthcare professionals. This course has been designed to provide understanding on basic concepts of ECG that would help as a guidepost while dealing with cases of acute coronary syndrome and rhythm disturbances. To provide better understanding and for more effective learning, multimedia based animations with ECG graphs have been used. These demonstrations are interactive and enhance learning ability.

Course Details

Course objective

* To achieve full utility of ECG as diagnostic and therapeutic Guide.

* Enable doctor to interpret ECG confidently. Identification of cases requiring further management.

* Identification of critical cases for specialist care.

Course Highlights

* Use of highly effective multimedia

animations to explain concepts of ECG.

* Course material developed by experienced specialist from Apollo Hospital.

* Any time anywhere learning.

* Course material (CDs) useful for ready reference.


* MBBS Graduates, Post Graduate students;

* General Practitioners (Including Alternative Medicine);

* Under Graduate Medical students;

* Healthcare professionals;

* Nurses.


* 3 months.

* One week OPTIONAL Contact Programme with clinicians at the end of the course.

Course Content

The course has five modules which deals with the following topics:

1.Basics of ECG

2.Rhythmic Disorders

3.Coronary Artery Diseases

4.Conduction Defects, Chamber Enlargement & Hypertrophy.


Each module is divided into discrete learning units. The purpose of these learning units is to impart students better knowledge, and understanding of terminology and physiology in ECG interpretation.

Course delivery and Certification

The course material will be available both online and offline. An ID and password is provided to access the course content and online assessments. Additional value added features like articles and journals will be provided periodically through e-mail. Assessments and doubt clarifications are also provided during the course.

The registrant shall complete all the internal assessments online before joining the contact program. The final examination will be held on completion of all course modules. It is mandatory to obtain a minimum of 50% marks to clear an evaluation. Certification will be by AHERF & Medvarsity.



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